søndag den 24. juli 2022

My Review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 power saving feature

Over the years I have owned a few smartphones, not many, like most in my profession. The common thing is that I did my research before buying.

My present phone, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, recently had battery failure, but that is not uncommon, since it has a few years on its back(bought in 2019), so I went above and beyond to find a new battery and found one on Lazada - DON'T, they are all fake, Xiaomi don't sell batteries separately(Do NOT argue with me on this, I have letter from them stating this as a fact), and this is to avoid scams. If you want a new ORIGINAL battery, then you have to go to their service center(NOT mi store). If your phone is out of warranty, then they charge you around 500p for the repair and around 390-560p for the battery, and you have warranty on this repair. I had to do this when the battery from Lazada started to fail. 

Enough about this, the story today is about something else.

Most Smartphones these days has some sort of power saving feature build-in from factory, but Xiaomi go above and beyond on this part, in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 there are 2 power saving options, unlike most other phones that have only 1.

Xiaomi claims that my battery can last 21h and 3min on normal setting, with no power option enabled, in factory testing maybe but not in real life use, because on normal use with a few games and some web browsing using Wi-Fi only, streaming video to Chromecast, it last about 12 hours.

If I game hard, only stop to eat breakfast and lunch, then it last about 4 hours.

Now, if I turn ON Battery saver, I get 19 hours normal use and 8 hours hard gaming. That is very nice.

What is more ever more nice is what happens if I turn ON Ultra battery saver, now I have a little more than 3 days of normal use(72 hours+). It is not very good for gaming. But it is good for travel.

GSMArena measured the battery to last 108 hours, in their endurance rating, I am not sure how they got that, but 72 hours+ is better than what the Ultra battery saver claims and what most other phones can do, and this on a 4000mAh battery.

I really like this phone and I will get a New battery again, when this one is worn out, basically I will wear this phone out. And that would be the time I will get a new one.

I don't care that Xiaomi stopped the updates for this model, I know how to keep my phone safe.

Attached below, screenshots of Battery with normal and the 2 power saving options.

Thats it folks, until next time 🙂

mandag den 28. februar 2022

GLOBE Toy store

It has taken almost 2 1/2 month for my Girlfriend to add 2 additional lines with Devices, to her existing account at GLOBE - and it is still not done.

Right now she is on the phone with GLOBE Sales team, again. And this is after she has talked with them numerous times before and every time they promised that everything now where in order and the devices would be shiped within 7 days.

Still, nothing happened. 

It should never have taken this long! 

It is like dealing with a Toy store, where the employees don't really know what they are doing.

I don't know why it is like this, maybe GLOBE don't care about new business or they just have incompetent employees.

Either way, it has been like this since this money machine COVID-19 started.

First they closed their hotline, so customers could not get any help, in case of problems. 

Then they lowered the Pre-paid Mobile internet speed in areas they didn't considered important - This is their largest income, so that does not make sense at all.

They lost lots of customers, to SMART, PLDT AND CONVERGE.

So again, I can only imagine that it is because of incompetent employees and "blind" managers. And leaders that only care about getting their salary and not doing their job. 

torsdag den 9. december 2021

Be aware GCash problem again!

Since GCash came out there has been numerous problems with it, actually very understandable because its one of Globe's companies. And Globe is notoriously known for their lack in fixing anything.

Lately Globe cancelled the Rewards App they were using together with GCash, for customers to redeem their Rewards points into Coins, they then could use to buy load from the GCash App, instead they put this option into their New GlobeOne App.

Unfortunately it does not work as before, now the coins are no longer sent to GCash main Balance, so I urge you to be extremely careful when using this or your coins might just end up in the useless part of GCash, GSave Piggy Bank.

Globe GCash has made this so only Filipino can open a savings account, so it is racist(because if you discriminate a person because of their ethnic origin, then it is racisme) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_discrimination

And it means that any foreigner that uses Globe GCash can't use the coins that ended up in Piggy Bank, the coins are stuck there until they expire, which is usually after 60 days. Meaning the foreigner loose these coins, because Globe GCash don't want to fix the problem.

Before this change, the coins were deposited in the main GCash balance - Whether this change is a programming error or someone overlooked this problem, or it was made deliberately -  it is real problem and Globe GCash team are unwilling to fix it.

So, if you need to transfer your rewards to your GCash, do NOT transfer them as GSave coins(the only option available regarding coins), instead redeem a 20p Load voucher, wait the 3 working days and find it in GCash App under your Profile tab. Now you can use the Load voucher to buy load.

If you have many rewards points, you might have to do this many times - just remember you can only redeem 5 times in a day(and even this sometimes don't work and claim 5 times used already, after just 2 times - again something not getting fixed).

If you coins already ended up in GSave Piggy bank, well then you should consider them lost. 

I do urge you to open a ticket and let them know what you think of this! There are of course no option in the list for this, so use something else.

Globe again demostrates how little they care for their customers

The last couple of days I have had problems with my Globe Prepaid account.

Yesterday I could go on internet but not call or text for several hours, even though I had internet it didn't really matter because when I contacted Globe on their Twitter account they never replied.

Later in the day call and text were restored, but still no reply from Globe. 

Since yesterday there were also an issue with their Apps, both the old GlobeOne App and the New GlobeOne App had problems showing the current promo I'm using.

When I contacted globe on Twitter, still no reply. So I tried their Messenger, and here GIE were more helpful than any of the humans working at Globe, after transferring me to the Prepaid specialist the help stopped totally.

Here now, several hours later, there are still no reply from this so called specialist - I guess they went to lunch and didn't come back.

Globe is just one of the many companies who take advantage of the situation with the pandemic, and NTC seem to either be unable or simply don't care to do anything about it.

I say take at advantage, because they can do whatever they want, since they closed their hotline, supposedly because of the pandemic, but it looks like its on purpose, because if you can't contact them, then they don't have to fix anything - Just collect money.

 Funny enough, it would seem that I am the only one writing about these issues. 


fredag den 19. november 2021

Problem with Lazada again!


This is sad news to many of you, but it has to be told:

It is becoming more and more difficult to find what you are looking for on Lazada, the reason is fake sellers and Lazada CS lack of will to fix the things that are not working. Like sellers posting "out of stock" items. Or CS lack of effort to check what is being posted before it is allowed online.
Just today, I have run into 10 Laptops listed for around 5000php, which turned out to be out of stock, some not even stated as out of stock - but only option was to add to wish list.
Or are there is something else behind this? The number of items listed, make people believe how good a platform Lazada is - though the numbers are actually not real, because "out of stuck" items are not real.
So this is actually in a way, cheating these people - whether this is done intentionally or not.
I hope after I have written this, that Lazada take these problems seriously and start to do something about it!
I will be writing about this here and follow up to see if Lazada takes this seriously and start doing something about it or just ignore the problems as they have done in the past - their search engine is still not fixed - issue previously described on here on my tech blog.

lørdag den 26. juni 2021

WARNING: Be careful with Globes GO+ promos

My readers know that Globe Telecom and I are not friends, and I just had another unpleasent experience with them.

In this case it was the total lack of support when something go wrong with one of their products, in my case their GO+250 promo which gives the user 15GB data for surfing and 15GB data for any addon you choose, and the last one don't count against the users data. The promo last for 15 days, or should I say it should do that!

Last night my sim card in my Huawei B315-936 router, went inactive and the remaining data 9.43GB and the GoWATCH(the addon I choose) remaining 14.33GB, all drained down in Globes Infamous Black drain and went to 0.

I tried all the ways I could, to contact Globe to get my sim card active again and my data back.

Finally I gave up and went to bed, this morning the sim card were active again, but sadly the data were still 0.

I have spent most of the day trying to get hold of CS and have them refund me, and at 12.10Pm on Twitter I finally got a reply. Not really quality support, as the CS agent didn't carefully read my complaint and I had to repeat myself several times. Finally He/She (they don't give a name) looked into my issue and came back, 2 hours later, with the message:

2:03 PM

I replied that it was not. me who used the data, but Globes system that emptied my data balance when it made my sim card inactive, but after the CS last message I were ignored. 

Nice support job where you can sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing! 

Sarcasme aside, I tried several times to get the CS back, but without luck, continued to ignore me. 

My readers will know, that this attitude is a bad idea, as when I get ticked off by bad behaviour, I get creative and start writting complaint emails to Globe on all the email adresses I have, and an article here on my Blog. 

I also filed a case against Globe to Office Of The President. 

I told the CS this on Twitter, but still got ignored. 

I hope he/she gets reprimanded and are askes to find another job, staying at home im COVID-19 time is stressful enough and then have to deal with Globe stupidity is over the top. 

So I will not recomend anyone to use GO+250, before this issue is settled. Maybe a direct hit of loosing money will get Globe to fix the Drain BUG that has been around for almost 21 years now. 

It has happened to Senators, actors and The President and still Globe do NOTHING to fix it. 

So my dear readers, follow my advice or don't, but do not come crying when Globe empty your account. 

torsdag den 27. maj 2021


Update on november 10 2021:

Even though the previous issue eventually were fixed by GCash, it has now happened to me again. 

This time using the New GlobeOne App to redeem a 20p Load voucher, this was on October 13, and on October 19 I got a text message from GCash confiming that I recieved a 20p Load voucher, but it were never deposited to my GCash account. 

Subsequently I contacted GCash support, who instead of reading the ticket, just refered me to contact GlobeOne team. GlobeOne team opened a ticket and closed it without doing anything. 

But, since GCash by text confirmed that I had recieved the 20p Load voucher and didn't deposit it to my account, it is not a GlobeOne team issue, it is a GCash issue. 

I have tried to. make them understand this, but as happened before, GCash support is not doing anything to solve this issue, so I can't in good faith recomend to anyone to use GCash until they solve this issue, as they can't be trusted to handle peoples money.


I will start by saying that Globe GCash support flat out(Omar) refused to re-imburse me, and that is why I'm witting this post.

Ok, you will say, its only 20p - But its my money, not Globe's. And whatnif it was 2000 or 5000p, would you then agree with me? 

On march 03 2021, I tranferred 10 Reward points to my GCash by chosing the correct Digital Voucher, instead of going to my Main GCash like all previous transfers, it went to Save money Piggy bank(an option I never used and never will, because it demands you to have a Philippine bank account, and I don't trust the banks here after numerous problems - but that is a different story). 

After 5 support Tickets which were all closed by GCash support, without solvimg the problem, someone at GCash emptied my Save money Piggy bank Without my permission or consent!! 

I had enough and filed a formal complaint against support for mishandling of my money. 

It was ignored! 

On may 21 2021, I tranferred 20points to my Main GCash by Digital Voucher, and they were there 2 days later. 

Yesterday I checked my account and there were only 10 coins there, I checked transaction history and I had not used them by mistake, they went the same way as the other 10 coins, down the drain in Globe system. 

I filed my complaint again with all documentation attached, to support@gcash.com, GCash on Twitter, Talk2Globe on Twitter and their advertising departement, asking it to be forwarded to their General Manager. 

Today, Omar called "understanding my point", and after much discussion, he finally managed to piss me off in a degree were I told him and Globe to G. F. H and hanged up - when he flat out refused to re-imburse me. 

I have had many dealings with Globe over the last 21 years, some because they emptied. my account, some because their system had me as online though my phone were offline, some because of internet expirimg the day after I signed up for it with only 10mb download, some because another drain of account. 

Why, do I keep using Globe, because no other can deliver to my location. And that is the only reason! 

Tomorrow I will file my 5th DTI Complaint And my 2nd NTC complaint. Not that it help much, because they ignore them, but they are there for evidence.

So, be careful when you use GCash, make sure you load your phone as soon as the coins are there. And make sure to take screenshot of ALL transactions.

Good luck

AGAIN, Shame on you Globe!