lørdag den 30. november 2013

Houston we have a problem! GLOBE

Lately GLOBE Telecom has really been dragging their feet with delivering a stable internet connection to us here in Puerto Galera, so far I have had to call them on the hotline two days ago, and yesterday and today contact them by email and their own online form which you can find here:


Or their online chat which you can find here:


Drop them a line and tell them how you really feel about their connection - maybe it will help(if enough people complain). Make sure to give them all details

Also I made some screen shots, proving that Globe are able to deliver they just don't have the capacity in the daytime(1 or 2 more servers in Batangas would help a great deal).

Also making sure that businesses use the business 3G connection instead of the residential only, would actually give the rest of us a nice connection ALL day, not just in the evening or nighttime when all businesses are closed.

My tests has been made with Nokia CS-19 HSDPA USB modem capable of connection up to 21Mbps and Globe Sim capable of connection up to 7.2Mbps. Also i use a directional antenna(booster) so I can connect to the best towers.

As you can see, the speed is good in the nightime and early morning, but as soon as we we move later up in the day the speed drops dramatically. Also the connection is really unstable, several times the speed dropped down to 0, I have had to restart all my downloads several times so now I'm using a download manager(not all sites allow that).

Globe nov 24 - 4.28pm

Globe dec 1 - 3.24am

Globe dec 1 - 3.29am

Globe dec 1 - 7.18am

Globe dec 1 - 11.20am
Globe dec 6 - 11.20am

onsdag den 16. oktober 2013

NEM ID - Can't login - then look here!

Danish version below.

Latest version of Java works fine, but NEM ID don't work with the latest version, so if you Auto-updated your Java(as most do) and you can't login to netbank or other places where you need to use NEM ID - then you need to uninstall the newest version of Java and install an older version.

Old version of Java can be downloaded from here:


When you have downloaded this old version of Java, then uninstall your present version and restart your pc/laptop to be sure its gone. Then install the version you just donwloaded.

DO NOT update it, untill you have called NEM ID tlf: 72247050 or your Netbanks support and confirmed that the newest Java is working with NEM ID.

It should work now.


Danish version

NEM ID og Netbank Login problem! Løsning her!

Nyeste version of Java virker fint, men NEM ID virker ikke med nyeste version - Så lad være med at opdatere - Skulle det være sket så læs videre!

Hvis du har Auto-opdateret Java(som de fleste af os gør),og du ikke kan logge på netbank eller andre steder NEM ID behøves - så er du nødt til at afinstallere den nye version og installere en ældre version

En ældre version af Java kan hentes her:



Når du har downloadet den ældre version, så skal du afinstallere den nye og genstarte din pc/Laptop for at være sikker på at den er helt væk. Derefter skal du installere den version du lige har hentet ned.

Lad VÆRE med at opdatere denne version før du har talt med NEM ID tlf: 72247050 eller din Netbanks support, og fået at vide om den nyeste Java nu virker med NEM ID.


Hvis der er nogen der er utilfredse med alle de problemer mellem Java og NEM ID, så gør jeres bank opmærksom på dette. Systemet kan sættes op til logon uden brug af NEM ID og Java, det kræver bare at kunderne kræver det af banken!