lørdag den 30. november 2013

Houston we have a problem! GLOBE

Lately GLOBE Telecom has really been dragging their feet with delivering a stable internet connection to us here in Puerto Galera, so far I have had to call them on the hotline two days ago, and yesterday and today contact them by email and their own online form which you can find here:


Or their online chat which you can find here:


Drop them a line and tell them how you really feel about their connection - maybe it will help(if enough people complain). Make sure to give them all details

Also I made some screen shots, proving that Globe are able to deliver they just don't have the capacity in the daytime(1 or 2 more servers in Batangas would help a great deal).

Also making sure that businesses use the business 3G connection instead of the residential only, would actually give the rest of us a nice connection ALL day, not just in the evening or nighttime when all businesses are closed.

My tests has been made with Nokia CS-19 HSDPA USB modem capable of connection up to 21Mbps and Globe Sim capable of connection up to 7.2Mbps. Also i use a directional antenna(booster) so I can connect to the best towers.

As you can see, the speed is good in the nightime and early morning, but as soon as we we move later up in the day the speed drops dramatically. Also the connection is really unstable, several times the speed dropped down to 0, I have had to restart all my downloads several times so now I'm using a download manager(not all sites allow that).

Globe nov 24 - 4.28pm

Globe dec 1 - 3.24am

Globe dec 1 - 3.29am

Globe dec 1 - 7.18am

Globe dec 1 - 11.20am
Globe dec 6 - 11.20am

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