lørdag den 20. februar 2016

Cherry Mobile Cubix Cube TWO - get rid of eWarranty

If your are one of the lucky owners of Cherry Mobile Cubix Cube TWO - sold exclusively through LAZADA Philippines - then you might have a problem completing the eWarranty which starts every time you turn the phone ON.

Should that happen to you then complain to LAZADA here:


And explain to them that the submit button does not work!

Here is a work around that you can use until Cherry Mobile's extremely bad customer service, has sorted this out:

Go to settings, then Apps, then scroll to ALL and press on eWarranty. Now press on Disable button and go back to home screen. Now restart your phone and see if it turns ON without the eWarranty pop up.

This is a temporary work around, it does not remove this anoying thing and it certainly does not complete your warranty - so if you factory reset, this will come back again. 

BTW: there are no Frontliner code in the box - so you can stop looking!

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