søndag den 13. august 2017

Easy way to clone your Bootable USB drive to a smaller drive

I looked around for a easy solution or tool to do this, as I'm not so good at command line, but all I found were very technical and command line options, and very few could clone something to smaller drive(only larger) and most had to be from livecd - so I tried to figure this out myself and here are the results:

1. First you take the NEW drive and make it bootable the same way as the original drive. Then unmount and re-mount it.

2. Then remove whatever files is on it.

3. Then copy the the contents of the original drive to the NEW drive.

4. Use Gparted or any other partition tool to verify that the NEW drive is bootable, then take it for a spin.


In my case I had made my original drive with Yumi for windows(yes there are a linux version but you have to look elsewhere than Software center, Sourceforge is a good bet) - So I took the NEW drive and made it bootable with Yumi for windows(but could just as well have used the linux one) and followed the steps above. And all works as it should.

If I helped you than a thank you goes long way

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