torsdag den 28. juni 2018

Thinkpad Fan control in Xubuntu 16.04 LTS

For anyone looking for a guide:


* Python 2.7
* DBus, GTK+, libglade and GNU gettext with bindings for Python
* pkexec to obtain superuser privileges

 Ubuntu users need to install the package python-gobject


then extract the files to a temporary folder

Go to the tpfancod-master folder and open a terminal, then run this command

sudo make install-systemd


sudo systemctl enable tpfancod

Reboot your laptop

Then in terminal run

systemctl status tpfancod

Close the terminal window if everything ok, if not then go to and file the issue

Now open the tpfanco-admin-master folder

Open a terminal and run

sudo make install


Reboot your laptop

Open a terminal and run


Reboot once more and you can find tpfanco-admin in Applications>Settings

You have to type your password for it to work.

Hope this helps someone

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